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It all boils down to communication. Communication is what we do. Telling stories. Your stories. To the audience you want to reach. How your stories get told―the media, the words, the images, the colours, the designs―that’s our business.

Maybe yours is a digital story, told through apps, websites or social; maybe it’s a graphical story rendered in art and colour; maybe it’s a photographic story, or a narrative story of words, music or the human voice. Or perhaps it’s a combination of all these things, and more. It’s called execution. And execution is our business.

But there’s another element of communication that precedes and governs execution. It’s the element that at times seems almost magical, almost indefinable. It’s a mysterious process that combines the practical, the intellectual, the emotional with years of experience and the ability and willingness to take an unexpected point-of-view, and somehow, someway, synthesizes something truly unique. It’s called ‘creative’. And more than anything else, ‘creative’ is our business.

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Who we are



Some comedian once started an autobiographical routine with the declaration: ‘I started out as a child’. It got a laugh. Myself, I started out as a child, too. And in some ways, I’ve never changed. Which is a good thing. Because a lot of what’s called ‘creativity’ is the ability to think in the naive, simple, uninhibited way that a child thinks.

Of course, businesses are run by grownups; work is performed by grownups; grownups undertake the practical, professional, dependable operations of a serious, excellence-driven, creative organization. So, yes, most of the time, I’m a grownup, doing grownup things―branding, design, illustration, video, art direction.

But when it’s time to quietly create, to park my motorcycle and put aside my guitar, to seek and find that magical little inspirational jewel, when it’s just me and the blank monitor screen, it’s comforting to know I still have that child to rely on.

Robin Holdsworth


If you ever watch Antiques Roadshow you’ll know that what’s called ‘illustrative art’, particularly illustrative art from the golden age of magazine cover art, the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, is just now coming to be respected for its true intrinsic artistic integrity, and its creators for their skill and talent. The line between ‘illustrative art’ and ‘fine art’ is becoming blurred, and even in some cases, disappearing.

I’m both an illustrative artist and a fine artist. And that’s a good thing, if you’ll forgive my immodesty, for our clients. Because creativity is developed and enhanced by practice, and my passion for all types of artistic endeavours means my creativity gets a constant and vigourous workout, much as my athleticism and fitness gets well exercised in the boxing ring and in the great outdoors. I’ve been an artist all my life, and for the last twelve years I’ve been applying my energy and zeal to branding, web design, and illustration, and to the application of my talents to practical, real-world communication issues. In other words, using art and design to tell our clients’ stories effectively and creatively. Making pictures that are well worth those proverbial thousand words.

Rainer Plendl


As a child, Rainer dreamed of becoming a photographer, proving that with hard work, thorough training, and pure, raw talent, dreams can come true. And now, your dream of a Plendl image for your business can come true, too.

Leesa Patenaude


Leesa is a sort of silent partner. A really loud silent partner. Because what Leesa brings to the table is what we call perfect pitch: discretion, instinct, anticipation, intuition. A knack for knowing what works and what doesn’t.

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